The mission of the Department of Youth Services identifies public safey and youth accountablilty, both of which are goals of placing a youth offender in detention. We look at ORS 419C.145 as the basis for lodging a youth in detention. There are two circumstances a youth may be placed in detention, pre-adjudication, or as a sanction of a probation violation.

Factors in Determining the use of Detention
  • The safey of the community, and the safety of the youth in each situation.
  • If any other forms of sactioning would be appropriate such as: electronic monitoring, house arrest, other placement, time-out shelter.
  • The victim’s condition, level of violence used in the crime, and the relationship between the youth offender and the victim.
  • An option for conditional release with sensitivity for the victim and community safety.

NORCOR Facility Driving Directions: When you reach The Dalles, take exit 84 (west of The Dalles) and merge onto 2nd Ave. When you reach Webber Street, turn right and go over the railroad tracks. You will soon see the facility ahead on teh left. It is a brink building with a metal roof and a big sign in front that says “NORCOR”

NORCOR Juvenile Detention Facility 211 Webber Street The Dalles, OR 97058 541-298-1447