Natural Resource Advisory Committee

The Blues Intergovernmental Council (BIC) members include leaders from all 14 local counties, as well as federal, state, and tribal government entities. The diverse membership of the BIC ensures numerous perspectives and interests are represented. BIC members aligned around the common goals of working together to support healthy forests and healthy communities. The Blue Mountains Forest Plan is an important part of providing for the sustainable needs of the landscape and the needs of current and future generations. The BIC members are committed to understanding differences and identifying solutions that consider the diverse perspective of stakeholders surrounding the Blue Mountains. Through these discussions, the BIC can help inform the development and implementation of durable Forest Plans by working through ongoing forest management challenges together. 

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Join Brian Anderson, Wallowa Whitman National Forest – Wallowa Mountains Office District Ranger, as he describes how wildfires in the wilderness are beneficial to the natural landscape. #DoubleCreekFire  #SturgillNeboandGoatMountain2Fires