East Moraine Community Forest

East nMoraine Map Wallowa Lake Oregon

The Community Had a Vision for the East Moraine

Wallowa Lake's Moraine Partnership

In 2011, The Wallowa Lake Moraines Partnership (Partnership)—comprised of Wallowa County, Wallowa Resources, Wallowa Land Trust, and Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department—formally committed to protect the East Moraine from development so that it may continue to be a cornerstone of Wallowa County culture, nourishing both people and nature.

In 2006 money was granted to look into acquiring a large tract of land on the Wallowa Lake East Moraine. Wallowa County citizens gathered in Joseph in the fall of 2008 for a forum on the moraines. The overwhelming sentiment from the community was the moraines should be protected from overdevelopment.

This Management Plan continues the long tradition of stewarding Wallowa County’s natural resources in a manner that provides multiple benefits to the land and the community.

The Management Plan describes the governance structure and organizational roles established to manage the property. While the values protected by the easement are defined for perpetuity, this is a living document that recognizes that science and culture continue to evolve and adapt.