Board of Commissioners

**Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month starting at 9:00 am**

Board of Commissioner meetings, special meetings, and or hearings may be attended via Zoom. Instructions on how to join can be found in the meeting announcement under the Board of Commissioners Category as well as the homepage.

Mission Statement

It is the purpose of the government of Wallowa County to assist in maintaining community well-being by providing effective and efficient services.

  • To be reasonably accessible and responsive to the citizenry.
  • To Provide the best possible service for the available public funds.
  • To increase public awareness of available resources and services.
  • To develop a positive cooperative relationship among county employees.

Wallowa County Commissioners

Wallowa County Commissioner
(541) 426-4543 Ext. 1133
Wallowa County Commissioner
(541) 426-4543 Ext. 1132
Wallowa County Commissioner
(541) 426-4543 Ext. 1131