Community Work Service

DYS provides a Diversion Specialist that sets up and supervises community work service (CWS). When a youth is placed on probation, they are required to do a certain number of CWS hours. The diversion specialists job is to find placements for youth with hours, transport to and from work sites, supervise if needed, and assist anyone in need of workers. 

CWS Protocol
  • Must be a non-profit organization or a city, state, government or federal establishment.
  • Must be a senior citizen
  • If possible, provide a supervisor to guide workers in tasks
Examples of CWS
  • Enterprise Ice Rink, Set up and take down
  • Wallowa County Fairgrounds, clean up and maintenance
  • Joseph Community Center, clean up and maintenance
  • WHS, EHS, and JHS, clean up and maintenance
  • Elks Lodge, dishes and clean up at dinner events, Elks Christmas Baskets
  • City of Enterprise, Joseph, Wallowa, clean up and maintenance
  • Wallowa County Sheriff’s Department, Enterprise City Police, wash vehicles
  • Senior Citizens, cut and stack fire wood
  • Wallowa County and City of Enterprise Libraries, book filing