Sworn Deputies

Wallowa County Sheriff Ryan Moody Badge


Deputies of the Wallowa County Sheriff’s Office accomplish their mission through the following objectives: 


Protect Life and Property: to provide services that contribute to the preservation of life, the protection of property, and the safety of the community. 

Maintain Public Order: To maintain peace and public order. To assist the community during times of natural or technological occurrences or disasters. To provide for the safe and effective flow of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic and the investigation of traffic-related accidents. 

Prevent, Detect, and Investigate Criminal Activity: To prevent crime through aggressive patrol that limits the opportunity for crime to occur and through education of citizens that reduces the likelihood of them becoming victims of crime. To provide a thorough, appropriate, and efficient investigation of criminal activity. 

Apprehension of Offenders: To provide for expeditious and prudent apprehension of suspected violators of law, regardless of an individual’s status in the community. 

Community Service: To provide the resources necessary for assisting citizens under special non-criminal circumstances. 

Compliance with Ethical Standards and Professionalism: To ensure integrity and adherence to the professional standards of the Agency by investigating all complaints against Agency personnel. To provide for the training needs of officers and promote a high rate of proficiency in the officers of the Agency. To address the career development goals of agency personnel.