IT Department

Computer grids

The Information Technology Services Department Director works in partnership with the Administrative Services Director. The primary role of the ITS Director is, above all, as the security risk manager and technology program director for County Information Technology Services. In addition to managing technical personnel and technical partnerships. The ITS Department Consists of 1.00 FTE. We handle Infrastructure Lifecycle management, Computer Replacement Lifecycle management, and Infrastructure Security operations.

Information Technology Services Resources:

  • ITS Computer Lifecycle Support Request
  • ITS Computer Lifecycle Hardware Request

New Department in 2019! – Information Technology Services

The Information Technology Services Department (ITS) was instituted beginning in late 2018. Wallowa County has struggled, due to staffing and budgeting issues, to have any stability or security in its network services and operations for many years. With this act, Wallowa County has made a commitment to modernize the County’s base infrastructure.