2024 Elections Information

2024 Election Information

Attention Voters

  • The Oregon Legislature passed House Bill 3291 in 2021. This Bill now allows Oregon Clerk’s to accept ballots that are postmarked on Election Day and received in the Clerk’s office within 7 calendar days to be counted. 
  • If you choose to mail your ballot on Election Day, please walk into your local post office and ask them to Hand Cancel your ballot envelope. 
  • Do not put your ballot in an outside U.S. Postal Service mailbox – your ballot may not receive an election day postmark for the day and will not be counted.
  • We encourage voters to use official ballot drop boxes to ensure that their ballot will be counted on Election Day.

Election Information

 This office conducts all elections held in Wallowa County. If you are a U.S. Citizen, a resident of Oregon and at least 18 years old by Election Day, you may register to vote.

Print Voter Registration Card

Your voter registration card must be postmarked or received in the office by the 21st day before Election Day.  Your voter registration card must be updated if you have any changes–name, residence, mailing address, or party affiliation.

All elections are vote by mail. Ballots can not be forwarded but absentee requests may be applied for. 

Ballot Information

Interested in reading up on the measures or candidates before the Voter’s Pamphlet comes out? Check out some of the following links.

  • Candidates running in statewide elections are listed on Oregon.gov.
    Measures on the ballot can be found at Oregon.gov. 
  • All elections are voted by mail.  
  • Ballots can not be forwarded but absentee requests may be applied for.