Friends of The Museum

The Wallowa County Museum and Friends of Wallowa County Museum (501c3) would like to thank all the families who have been so kind to donate family histories, antiques, memories, and money. We would also like to thank all who have given of their time to serve on the Board of Directors, as Friends of the Museum, and as volunteers. A special thanks to all the historians who have been so generous to do research for the museum. A very special thanks to Grace Bartlett, Ann Hayes, who for years kept this piece of history running, and to Clyde and Helen Stonebrink for their generous bequest.

 Thank you one and all!

Fundraising Activities
    Wallowa County Museum’s latest book “Wallowa County History a Continuation” is available at the museum or we are happy to ship. This wonderful book is about families of Wallowa County.
    The Museum Board and Friends of the Museum work together each year to provide homemade pies and coffee as a fundraiser in conjunction with the Wallowa Mountain Car Cruise in August
    Spring and Fall activity

Thank you for your past and future support.

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The Friends of Wallowa County Museum Is a 501 C 3 Organization.

The Museum is funded through admission fees, your kind donations, and fundraisers.

Donations can be made by sending a check to:

Friends of Wallowa County Museum
PO Box 430
Joseph, Oregon 97846