Wallowa County Weed Board

The public is encouraged to attend meetings which are typically held monthly, every third Tuesday afternoon via Zoom. For more information or questions contact Teresa Smergut at the email below. 

Current Members:

  1. Chair - teresasmergut1 [at] gmail.com (Teresa Smergut)
  2. Vice Chair - Kelly Birkmaier
  3. Secretary - marci.schreder [at] outlook.com (Marci Schreder)
  4. Janet Hohmann
  5. Ingrid Cook
  6. Mike Beachy
  7. Chris Cunningham
  8. Mike Hale
  9. Beckijo Smergut-Wall
  10. Shanda Zettle
  11. Joe Sims

2022 Weed Board Meeting Calendar and Notable Topics:

  • *No meetings are held during the months of July, September or December*
  • January 18th - New members begin. Review/approve planning document. Review County Weed List. January Meeting Minutes
  • February 15th - Discuss/schedule field work. Coordinate meetings and Weed Tour. Weed List update discussion and/or vote. February Meeting Minutes
  • March 15th - Planning for commissioner’s presentation. Wallowa County Vegetation Department budget review. March Meeting Minutes
  • April 19th - Planning for commissioner’s presentation. General business. April Meeting Minutes
  • May 17th - Plan for summer outreach event. New infestations of concern.
  • June 21st - General business. New infestations of concern.
  • July TBD - Wallowa County Noxious Weed Tour.
  • August 16th - 2021-2022 fiscal year budget review.
  • October 18th - Grant planning for technical representatives. New member and officer nomination. Nominate citizens for Noxious Weed Warrior Award.
  • November 15th - Membership and officer vote. Work on 2022 planning document.