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Online Property Tax Payment Disclaimer

Wallowa County, Oregon Online Or Voice Response Property Tax Payment Disclaimer
  • This page was created to give Wallowa County property owners additional property tax payment options.
  • Accounts in foreclosure, dispute or protest are ineligible. Please contact the tax office at 541-426-7753 or 541-426-7755.
  • In case of international payments, funds must be drawn on a United States bank account.
  • Wallowa County assumes no responsibility for incorrect information entered by taxpayers.
  • Taxpayers are responsible for ensuring that payments are made in sufficient time to meet required deadlines. Taxpayers are responsible for printing and retaining the confirmation of payment. The time and date of payments as indicated on the confirmation will be the date of the payment. Payments must be confirmed prior to midnight of the scheduled due date to be considered on time. All other payments such as in-office, or US postmarks must be made by the end of such business day. 
  • Interest will be added to balances after the 15th of each month. The 3% discount on paid in full accounts is only applicable if account is paid by midnight of November 15th. Failure of a taxpayer to understand any information provided herein will not constitute grounds for waiver of any penalties or interest due to late payments.
  • There will be a nominal processing fee assessed with paying your taxes online or voice response. Because we are a governmental entity, all costs associated with the convenience of credit card usage and bank account transfers cannot be deducted from your tax amount due. Therefore, a processing fee in addition to the tax due is charged. Wallowa County does not receive any portion of this convenience fee.
Non-Refundable Fees:
  1. For visa debit tax program: convenience fee is $3.95. TAXES ONLY MUST BE a visa debit for this fee amount.
  2. For credit card and other debit card payments: convenience fee is 2.5 %. Minimum fee is $2.00.
  3.  For E-Checks: convenience fee $2.00.
    • Taxes paid online will be charged to your credit/debit card or account within 24 hours. It can take up to 4 business days for your tax record to be updated with the tax office.
    • To ensure correct posting of your tax payment, please call the tax office to get the current and accurate balance due at 541-426-7753 or 541-426-7755.
    • Wallowa County reserves the right to refuse any and all payments.

Wallowa County is also not responsible for any unauthorized access to your personal information. User hereby shall forever waive, release, indemnify and hold harmless Wallowa County, its Commissioners, Elected Officials, assigns, officers, employees, agents and representatives from and against any and all losses, damages, injuries, causes of action, claims, demands, and liabilities related to this transaction. Please “log off” completely at the end of your transaction! Failure to do so may allow another user to access your personal information.

If your check, credit/debit card, or e-check payment is returned/canceled for any reason, a $25.00 processing fee will be added to your tax account. Loss of discount and/or accrual of interest may occur. Future payments will need to be made in cash or certified funds.

To proceed with payment:

Call: 1-866-873-9161
OR pay online