On the Northwest corner of the courthouse lawn stands a prominent concrete arch that commemorates Wallowa County’s early pioneers. The Pioneer Arch was dedicated to the early pioneers who arrived in Wallowa County between the years of 1871-1879.

The War Memorial Howitzer commemorates World War II veterans and was placed on the lawn just after World War II in ca. 1947. A field gun from World War I originally sat in its place, having been dedicated in June of 1926.  The World War I fieldgun was removed and melted down for scrap iron during World War II.

The Granite Boulder Memorial – (World War I Memorial) The American Legion placed the 8.5 ton boulder from Hurricane Creek in front of the Courthouse main entrance on Memorial Day, May 1925. The bronze tablet on the west side bears the names of of men who lost their lives while in the service of World War I. In 1985, two more bronze tablets were added to honor veterans from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. These were citizens from Wallowa County who fell in battle.

The Granite Bench honors the two pioneers, Stubblefield and Zurcher, who donated the public square on which the Courthouse stands.

In the Northeast corner of the Courthouse square stands a 20 ft. by 24 ft. wood-framed gazebo built in 1986.  It is a non-contributing feature. On the northwest corner of the square there originally stood an ornate, delicately detailed gazebo built in the early 1900’s. The date of its removal is unknown. 

The Historic Gazebo is evident in photos that were taken shortly after the construction of the courthouse.

The Drinking Fountain