Drug Court

The purpose of the Wallowa County Drug Court is to provide assistance to drug offenders, it is a treatment-based, non-adversarial process designed to enhance personal development and assist participants in dealing with their addiction while holding them accountable for their behavior. The Wallowa County Drug Court is a voluntary specialty court that includes, but is not limited to, intensive therapeutic services, immediate consequences for non-compliance including short-term detention/jail time, community service, or work crew for any violation of the Court’s orders or rules of the program, as well as frequent court appearances and UA’s.

In an effort to enhance the interventions used in the Wallowa County Drug Court, a team consisting of The Judge and Court employees, the attorneys, the treatment providers, the State of Oregon Department of Human Services, The Employment Consortium representatives, Wallowa County District Attorney’s office, Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness, Wallowa County Community Connections, and other individuals associated with, or providing assistance to the offender, all communicate with each other about each participant and their progress. Working together their goal is help each offender become life long, clean and sober, members of society.