Conservation Values

The purpose of acquiring the Community Forest was so that it be retained forever in a relatively natural state with the goal of maintaining natural, healthy and ecologically sustainable characteristics of range and forest habitats.

Deed restrictions and a conservation easement will ensure these goals are upheld. Habitats will be maintained for plant and wildlife species dependent on the Community Forest while providing economic returns to the local economy through sustainable forestry and rangeland management.

It is also a purpose of the easement to maintain scenic, cultural, rangeland, and forestland open space uses; public recreation; and educational uses consistent with the protection of the conservation values of the Community Forest. To summarize, we value the East Moraine and this property:

  • As a relatively unaltered community treasure, providing unparalleled scenic views;
  • For its diverse and critical habitats, which support and connect a complexity of species;
  • For the longstanding cultural significance of the East Moraine and the Community Forest to its original inhabitants;
  • For its cultural history and the returns it provides to the local economy as a working landscape;
  • For its recreation and educational opportunities for the local community and visitors alike.

The Partnership is united in its desire to ensure balance across all uses and these conservation values.