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Wallowa County Cost Share

Wallowa County offers financial assistance (up to $500 per year) to landowners for treatment of noxious weeds. Contact us Monday-Thursday at 541-426-4543 Ext. 1206 OR access an application below. Please refer to Local Contractor Information to verify contractor eligibility. We cannot reimburse for unlicensed contracted services. 

2022 Contractor List
Herbicide Contractors:
  1. Jake Spaur (Back Country Spraying) 541-398-0810
  2. Eric Borgerding 541-577-3202
  3. Nikki Beachy (Meadowlark Land Services) 541-263-1305
  4. Heath Naughton (Naughton Weed Control) 541-263-2965
  5. Skip and Luke Royes (Workhorse LLC) 541-426-0265
  6. Jon Wick 541-263-0930
  7. Josh Riddley (Riddley Pest Control) 541-910-7378
  8. Charlie Johnson 541-398-0951
Survey contractors:
  1. Mike and D Hamann 541-426-4471
  2. Nikki Beachy 541-263-1305
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