Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan

This is a multi-jurisdictional Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan (NHMP) that involved representatives from Wallowa County (Planning, Emergency Services and Natural Resources), the City of Joseph, Joseph School District, the City of Enterprise, Enterprise School District, the City of Wallowa, Wallowa School District, the City of Lostine, Wallowa Lake Irrigation District, Wallowa Soil and Water Conservation District, Wallowa County Lake Service District.

Wallowa County’s Natural Hazards
  • Wildfires
  • Poor Air Quality
  • Severe Storms (both winter and summer storms)
  • Windstorms
  • Extreme Cold
  • Extreme Heat
  • Drought
  • Insect Pests, Noxious Weeds and Invasive Species
  • Floods
  • Dam Failure
  • Landslides/Debris Flows
  • Earthquakes

Wallowa County, Oregon Multi-Jurisdictional Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan Supporting Documents are listed below