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Crime Victims' Assistance Program

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Photo by: Mona K. Williams ©

Photo by: Mona K. Williams ©

Photo by: Becky Frolander ©

What is the Crime Victims' Assistance Program?

As part of the District Attorney's Office, this program is available to assist victims of crime.  The Victims' Assistance Program (VAP) recognizes that crime victims have certain rights, including the right to be treated with dignity and compassion.  For information and assistance call 541-426-4543 x141.

The following services are available to victims of crime at no cost:

  • Making referrals to public and private social service agencies that can provide necessary services.
  • Providing information about case status throughout the criminal proceedings.
  • Verifying and documenting financial losses so that the court can order the offender to pay restitution.
  • Assisting in the return of property held by the police agency or court.
  • Assisting with preparatiion for court hearings and trials.
  • Court accompaniment;
  • Resolving scheduling, child care, emergency and transportation problems.
  • Assisting with the completion of application process for State of Oregon Crime Victims' Compensation benefits.

If you have been the victim of a crime...

DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF.  Victims are innocent people who suffer harm when someone else breaks the law. It is essential for a victim to recognize that he or she is not at fault.
TALK ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS.  Find someone who is willing to listen.  Victims usually do not need advice, but rather just someone with whom to talk.
DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SEEK OUTSIDE HELP.  There are times when the healing process requieres help from a professional.  Counselors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists may be valuable help.
BE REALISTIC ABOUT THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM.  Certain aspects of the system may be exasperating.  Be prepared for multiple delays, changes in court dates, and other unexpected events that can, and often do, occur.   The process is dynamic and unfamiliar to all but those who have studied the justice system for years.  It seeks to protect everyone and will accept no compromise in its efforts to be fair and to apply the rule of law, as justice requires.

Please contact our office for more information:


Victims' Assistance Program
Wallowa County Courthouse
101 S. River Street, Rm. 201
Enterprise, OR  97828


541-426-4543 x141
541-426-4543 x640 (DA's Office)