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District Attorney

Wallowa Lake in the Fall

Wallowa County Courthouse

North Minam Meadows - Eagle Cap Wilderness

Photo by: Cheryl North Coughlan ©

Photo by: Cheryl North Coughlan ©

Photo by: Becky Frolander ©

The Wallowa County District Attorney's Office prosecutes felony and misdemeanor crimes that occur within Wallowa County.  We represent the people of the State of Oregon in Court by prosecuting people who violate the state's criminal laws.  Because the state court is a court of general jurisdiction, we are responsible for prosecuting everything from minor violations to serious assaults, drug cases and murder.

The District Attorney's Office also serves the citizens of Wallowa County through the Child Support Program and the Victims' Assistance Program

Wallowa Mountains from Wallowa River
Mount Howard (left) and Mount Bonneville (right) with the Wallowa River, above Wallowa Lake. 
Photo by: Mona K. Williams ©

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