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Family Planning

The goal of the family planning program is to encourage healthy, well-timed, and intended pregnancies.  Services provided include:

  • Annual female exams
  • HIV/STD information and education
  • A variety of effective birth control methods
  • STD/Infection checks
  • Teen pregnancy prevention planning & intervention

The family planning program is funded by the Family Planning Expansion Program (FPEP), a Title X grant, and fees for service. 

FPEP:  With the FPEP program, income-eligible persons are able to get a free annual exam, birth control, and follow-up care as needed.   These free services are available if you meet the following income requirements:

Are a teen (19 and under) and earn up to $521 per week or $2,256 per month


  • Are an adult (20+ years) and earn up to:  
weekly* monthly* to support this number of people
$521 $2256 1
$700 $3035 2
$880 $3815 3
$1060 $4595 4
$1240 $5373 5
$1420 $6153 6
$1600 $6930 7
$1779 $7710 8
+$180 +$780 add this amount for each additional person
*Effective until February 28, 2010.

Please Note: There may be additional requirements depending on the clinic or on the service that you are seeking. Clinic staff are always ready to help.

Title X Program:  The Title X program is for people who do not qualify for the FPEP program.  The same services, such as annual exams and birth control, are available on a sliding scale basis.  WIth the sliding scale, our fees are pro-rated based on your income to ensure that family planning services are afffordable and accessible.

Fees for Service:  We are able to bill many insurance providers for family planning services including OHP.