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The CaCoon program is a service for families with children from birth to age 21 who have (or are at risk of having) a chornic health condition or disability.  CaCoon care coordination services are offered by a public health nurse who is specially trained to care for children and youth with special needs. 


The CaCoon nurse can:

  • Help you find information about your child’s condition
  • Screen your child for any concerns regarding development, nutrition, hearing, vision or other health issues
  • Partner with you to advocate for your child and family
  • Help your family locate financial assistance to pay for your child’s care
  • Refer you to parent and family support organizations
  • Refer you to local resources for early intervention- physical, occupational, speech, and preschool
  • Work with any other services providers to address your concerns


Who Can Use CaCoon?

Families may request services.  Referrals can also come from physicians, specialty clinics, schools, and other community agencies.


Eligibility is not tied to family income or insurance status.  There is no cost to families for CaCoon services.