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Friends of the Museum

Fund Raising Activities for 2009:

The Museum is funded through admission fees, donations received and fundraisers.Pie_Sale_ 2_DSC_0034

The Museum Board and Friends of the Museum worked together to provide homemade pies and coffee as a fundraiser in conjunction with the Wallowa Mountain Car Cruise in June to help support the Museum and to construct an addition to the existing Museum for research and storage.  



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A second fundraiser, a Root Beer Float sale, was held at the County Courthouse to celebrate the centennial of the opening of the courthouse and the 150th birthday of the State of Oregon. At the same time a display was set up to tell about the museum projects.




Lostine Pie Sale DSC

The third summer fundraiser was another Pie Sale at the Lostine River Ranch Round-Up to provide dessert for the barbeque. The display was set up again to show the museum projects. 



A fall fundraiser, sponsored by the Friends of the Museum and the Forest Service, was a symposium held at the Hurricane Creek Grange on the history of the Alder Slope area. People who grew up in that area talked about their families who had settled there and their lives as children on the Slope. A DVD of the symposium is available through the Friends of the Museum. 


Fund Raisers planned for 2010:   Wallowa Mountain Car Cruise  -  June 11-12

Lostine River Ranch Round-up  - August 22

Maxville Days       - TBA


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