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Wallowa County Surveyor

The Wallowa County Surveyor is currently appointed by the Board of Commissioners.  The Surveyor reviews all records of survey, subdivision plats, and condominium plats and assists the Wallowa County Commissioners on matters concerning surveys, as needed, as well as, searching for and restoring section and quarter corner monuments set by the General Land Office.

The Surveyor's office contains all the recorded survey maps for Wallowa County.  The majority of surveys have been scanned and are available via email or paper copy.  We are in the process of scanning all subdivision plats and monumentation records are expected to be completed in 2013.

The County Surveyor, Richard Shaver, tries to be in on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Please contact Richard to set a time to meet....541-398-1768

Here is a link to: Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon

Helpful Tip: surveying a tract of land can sometimes take considerable time for research, title reports, field work and associated office time.  If you have a project please contact a surveyor two months or more before the date of commencing your project.