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NOTICE: Budget Hearing (Fiscal Year 2016-2017)


The Administrative Services department is charged with the responsibility of Accounting, Payroll, Personnel Services, Human Resources, Data Processing, Risk Managment, Administrative Support for the Board of Commisioners.

  •  Brenda Micka is the Administrative Services Director for Wallowa County. The Administrative Services Director (ASD) assists the Board of Commissioners in providing overall policy direction to county programs.  In addition, the ASD is in charge of:
  • Preparation and administration of the County’s annual budget
  • Risk management
  • Personnel-Human Resources Director
  • Labor relations
    • Personnel-Human Resources Director
    • Labor relations

    The department is charged with processing accounts payable according to local budget and accounting procedures and preparing payroll in accordance with Wallowa contracts and payroll rules and regulations. In addition to these vital functions, the Accounting Department provides detailed monthly and annual financial reports; tracks fixed assets of the county and furnishes accounting support and information to other county departments. Brenda Micka

                                                Brenda Micka, Administrative Services Director

                                                                                                                    Hours of Operations

101 S. River St, Room 202                                        Monday ~ Thursday          8:30am -  5:00pm  

Enterprise, OR  97828                                                                       Friday           8:30am -  Noon

(541) 426-4543 x 134